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Our Mission

College and graduate school can be the most exhilarating time of your life, but it’s not always stress free. To help you manage course work, deadlines, personal and professional relationships and being away from home and/or family matters, the Rice Counseling Center (RCC) offers free, confidential support. Our clinicians have the experience and compassion to help you through whatever crisis or challenges you encounter.

Who We Are

The clinical team at the RCC is a diverse team of psychologists, social workers, counselors, and a consulting psychiatrist committed to providing professional, compassionate and individualized care. The RCC team provides assessment, short-term psychotherapy, and consultation services. Visit our staff bio page here

What We Do

We can help with such topics as:

  • Family, friends and intimate relationships 
  • Self-Esteem
  • Academic performance
  • Problems with anxiety
  • Sexual orientation
  • Eating and body image concerns
  • Race, ethnicity and cultural identity
  • Bereavement
  • Concerns about alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Feelings of sadness 

Seeking support for these situations, as well as other challenges, is a sign of a resourceful Rice student. Often an objective clinician can help provide a new prospective as well as a renewed sense of strength, confidence and competence.

What Services Do We Provide? 

Initial Assessment
To begin services, students will talk with a RCC clinician for an initial assessment. This 20-30 minute interview is to determine the nature and scope of the students concern as well as to help develop the most appropriate plan of services. After the initial interview, the student will be referred to a RCC clinician for short-term therapy, additional Rice University services, or they may be referred into the community for long-term therapy or open-ended therapy.  

Short-term Therapy
A RCC clinical staff member will make an assessment and determine how to best address your concerns. During each session, the clinician and student will work together one-on-one and explore the student's concerns and/or challenges. Together, they will determine the number and frequency of the sessions. All clinicians are able to assist in assessment and treatment and are assigned to students based on availability and the nature of the problem.  

In certain circumstances, it may be determined that your needs would be better served by other resources, especially if you require long-term or specialized treatment. Generally, a clinician will assess your needs during the initial interview to determine appropriate referrals for off-campus services. Information about referrals is confidential.  

Psychiatric Services
Students first meet with one of the RCC clinicians before being referred to the RCC psychiatrist. Once the referral is made, the student will meet with the licensed board-certified psychiatrist at the Morton L. Rich Health Center (next to the Brown Master's house). Students utilizing our psychiatric services will also need to be involved in individual therapy with a RCC clinician. If a student is only seeking medication management, the care coordination manager will help students find off-campus psychiatric referrals.

Group Counseling
Support groups and theme-centered therapy groups offer a safe environment in which students can gain greater self-awareness, interpersonal sensitivity and skills and will have the opportunity to work on problem solving as well as a variety of other issues which the group decides to focus on. Groups typically meet for 60-90 minutes once a week throughout the semester and are led by RCC clinicians.

RCC's Commitment to Diversity
The RCC staff values and embraces the diversity of the student body. All students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, socioeconomic class, age, political beliefs, and religious spiritual beliefs are welcome at the RCC. 

Educational Materials and Presentations
The RCC has a range of material on mental health issues. The Gibbs Wellness Center houses a library dedicated to the overall wellbeing of students' mental, physical and emotional health. The RCC also provides informational flyers and have identified web-based materials that students may find useful, and staff members periodically present on a variety of topics throughout the academic year.

Consultation for Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students
We are guided by the professional standards and ethics of our diverse mental health disciplines. The RCC encourages the Rice community to consult with a member of our team if they are concerned or worried about a student. We can consult on a variety of issues pertaining to the overall wellbeing of both undergraduate and graduate students. While most consultations are provided by phone, students are encouraged to stop by the Gibbs Wellness Center to meet with a clinician for a brief face-to-face consultation or to schedule a more in-depth consultation at a later time.   

What if the Student has an Urgent Situation or is in Crisis?

Students experiencing personal crises or having an urgent situation and need immediate attention are encouraged to call or come to the Gibbs Wellness Center during regular office hours to be seen by an urgent care counselor. For assistance after-hours, weekends, holidays, call the RCC at 713-348-3311 to be connected to a licensed counselor 24 hours a day for telephone support and consultation.

How to Make an Appointment

If you are interested in seeking services or consulting with a clinician, call the RCC at 713-348-3311 or stop by the Gibbs Wellness Center. There you will be scheduled for an additional assessment and consultation wherein a clinician will gather information about your situation.

If the issues you wish to talk about may be addressed in a short-term therapy model, an appointment will be scheduled with an on-staff clinician.  If the issues to be addressed may take more time, you will be connected with the care coordination manager who will provide you with appropriate community resources.

Contact Us

 The Rice Counseling Center is open year round except for scheduled University holidays, several designated days during winter break, and occasional all day staff retreats. Emergency after-hours on-call services are available by telephone year round, 24 hours a day.

The Rice Counseling Center Office has two locations.

Primary Location: The Barbara and David Gibbs Wellness Center, 1st floor
Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday
Telephone: (713) 348-3311 (24 hours)
Fax: (713) 348-5953
Services Provided: Initial consultations, brief same day in-person consultations, and urgent care services.       

Satellite Location: The Morton L. Rich Health Services Center (located next to the Brown Masters)
Hours: 10 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday
Services Provided: Counseling by appointment only (all staff may be reached by calling the primary location telephone number)

What About Confidentiality?

The RCC maintains strict standards regarding privacy. Information obtained during a counseling session or in written form through testing will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. There are times when a student and their clinician feel that it would be useful to speak to a third-party representative (i.e., college master, parent, dean), but we will do so only if the student provides written consent.

By state law and ethical guidelines, limitations of confidentiality include instances in which:

  • There is risk of imminent harm to the student or others. 
  • The clinician has reason to believe that a child, elderly or disabled person is in danger of or is being abused or neglected.  
  • The clinician has been served with a court order to release information.
  • There is a reason to suspect that the student has been the victim of sexual exploitation by a former mental health provider during the course of treatment.

Within the RCC, staff members share information in professional consultation with each other in order to insure that students are receiving the highest quality of psychological care. These consultations remain confidential among the RCC's clinicians.

Cost for Services

There are not direct costs for any services at the RCC. The mandatory student health fee covers all costs.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit the RCC FAQs page.

Questions, Concerns, and Complaints

 Questions, concerns, and complaints may be presented to the RCC Director by calling 713-348-3311. They may also be presented to the Dean of Undergraduates Office by calling 713-348-4996.