CHOICES About Alcohol

CHOICES is a 1.5 hour program that focuses on making safer decisions regarding alcohol consumption. Rather than focusing on abstinence, this program encourages a harm-reduction approach to drinking. While it is important to recognize the illegal nature of any underage alcohol use, it is equally important to provide students with accurate information and strategies for reducing their risk if they choose to drink alcohol.

CHOICES is recommended for all students, especially those that are new to Rice.

More information about CHOICES:
The program: 

  • is evidence-based for undergraduate students;
  • has 10 components that educate students about the effects of alcohol on their behavior, promote self-evaluation of drinking patterns, and encourage effective coping strategies;
  • is most effective for first-year students or other high-risk populations
CHOICES About Alcohol is available as a partnership with colleges and student groups to address wellbeing needs. 
Please contact the Student Wellbeing Office: or 713-348-3311 if you have any questions about partnering with us to provide CHOICES.

Read the University Alcoholic Beverage Policy on the Dean of Undergraduates web page.