Eligibility, Services, and Fees

All currently enrolled Rice students who have paid the Student Health Fee are eligible for the Rice Counseling Center services. These services include:

  • Brief Telephone Triage Appointment
  • Initial Intake
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Consultations
  • Group Counseling 
  • Educational Materials
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Referral Information
  • Spouses may be seen for couples counseling with the enrolled Rice student, if indicated.
  • The initial assessment or "Intake" session with a clinical staff member or practicum trainee will assess the nature and extent of your concern, make preliminary recommendations for follow up. The person you see during Intake may not be the RCC counselor to whom you are eventually assigned.
  • Individual counseling at the Counseling Center is short-term in nature due to the high demand for services. If the staff member has determined your concerns are within the scope of the Center's services then you may be assigned to someone other than the Intake counselor you saw. Changes in therapist assignment can be made depending upon the needs of the student and the Center.
  • Consultations to faculty, staff, and students for the purpose of addressing questions of a psychological nature or concerns about someone. They usually do not lead to ongoing counseling.
  • Group counseling or therapy is not limited to a set number of sessions. Therapy groups offered at the Center are available depending on student interest and can be an effective means of helping students gain greater self-awareness, interpersonal sensitivity, and skill building in a safe, confidential environment.

Other Services

The Rice Counseling Center also provides:

  • A professional staff member is on call 24 hours a day except for the University Christmas Holiday to assist in crisis intervention.
  • Same-day in person counseling services for students without a scheduled appointment who present with urgent psychological concerns during regular business hours (Gibbs Wellness Center location)
  • Psychiatric Consultation for medication - See  Psychiatric Services
  • The Rice Health Advisors is the peer counseling program for undergraduate students at Rice and is co-sponsored by The Rice Counseling Center and the Wellness Center.
  • The Rice Counseling Center provides educational materials, workshops and training to the Rice community


No direct cost; the Center is supported by Student Health Fees.

Eligibility for services

All currently enrolled students who have paid the Health Fee are eligible for services.