Psychological Crisis/Emergency Care

If this is a serious and imminent life threatening circumstance please bypass this information and call 911 immediately, on campus call 713-348-6000.

During Regular Business Hours:

Crisis Services 
While most of our counseling services are scheduled on an appointment basis, there may be crisis situations that require immediate or same-day intervention. Limited crisis hours are available each day to speak with a counselor about a concern that you feel cannot wait. These counselors will provide a brief consultation and recommend a course of action. Since we are an outpatient facility, and do not have urgent psychiatric care, some students will be directed to a facility with greater urgent care capacities.

The caller should tell the receptionist that there is need for crisis counseling. Students will be seen as soon as possible by an available counselor or the counselor-on-call. After hours and on weekends, students are encouraged to call our direct line 713-348-3311 and leave a message.  A counselor will call them back promptly.

Examples of an crisis situation may be when a student:

  • is having suicidal feelings
  • is experiencing severe feelings of panic or being overwhelmed
  • is dealing with the news of death or illness of a loved one
  • has experienced sexual or physical assault

Students who feel that they need mental health attention but are not sure as to the urgency of the situation are encouraged to obtain advice from the counselor on duty. 

Crises call for calming, compassionate support - not psychotherapy. When the crisis has calmed, the student may or may not desire to seek professional help. It may be helpful for the student to schedule an appointment in for counseling to discuss the antecedents and alternatives in crisis management to aid in future difficult situations. If a student has frequent crises or remains in crisis for a prolonged period, she/he also should be encouraged to make an appointment.

After Hour Emergencies

Emergencies differ from crises due to their life threatening nature, which usually require some immediate action. Typically, hospitalization would be indicated for the student's safety, as well as time for a comprehensive analysis of the student's condition. During the normal office hours, a counselor is assigned to emergencies Monday through Friday, and may be called for consultation.

What to do in an emergency

Depending on the nature, location, and timing of an emergency your options are: 

  •  Call RUPD (on campus emergency) 713-348-6000 The Police will assess the situation, contact on call counselor if necessary, and have the student transported to a hospital for care and treatment if needed. 
  •  Call 911 (for after hour off campus emergency) Dial 911 off campus to summon local police who will assess the situation and if necessary arrange for transportation of the student to a hospital for care and treatment.
  •  Wellbeing and Counseling Center 713-348-3311 (24/7)
    A counselor can be reached during office hours Monday - Friday (9 am to 5:00 pm). After hours and weekends, call 713-348-3311 to reach the on call counselor.

Other Crisis Resources Include: 
Crisis Intervention of Houston  713-HOTLINE (713-468-5468)
MHMRA  713-970-7000