At Rice, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a whole range of fascinating, cool people with diverse backgrounds and intellectual interests. The most important thing to remember about making friends is to keep an open mind.  You might be surprised - you never know who you might end up hanging out with or bonding with over something unexpected! 

What makes a good friendship?

What makes a good friendship? 
Many of the fundamental qualities that make someone a good friend apply to other kinds of relationships. But different people may have different hopes, needs, and expectations for their friends. Healthy friendships thrive because both parties mutually respect, trust, and are considerate with one another.

Some of the characteristics of a good friendship include:  

  • Respect each other
  • Trust each other
  • Are honest with each other
  • Communicate clearly with each other
  • Willing to compromise/negotiate
  • Support each other
  • Don’t hold grudges against each other
  • Enjoy spending time with each other
  • Feel safe and comfortable with each other
  • Maintain healthy lives and other relationships outside of this relationship (friends, family, activities, extracurriculars, identity, etc)

Some of the characteristics of an unhealthy friendship include: 

  • Trying to control or manipulate you
  • Making you feel bad about yourself
  • Ridicules, blames, or calls you names
  • Does not make time for you
  • Criticizes your other friends or some other aspect of your person, supports others in criticizing you, either in front of you or behind our back
  • You’re afraid of the other person’s temper
  • Ignores you when you’re talking
  • Are overly possessive or get jealous about ordinary behavior
  • Controls your person’s money or other resources (e.g., car)
  • Push, grab, hit, punch, or throw objects
  • Uses physical force or threatens to prevent you from leaving 

Tips on making friends

  • Try something new – there’s always a ton of stuff going on at Rice. A great way to meet people is to get out and explore Rice through different events and activities. Check out calendar here:
  • Act in a play – plenty of the colleges, as well as the Rice players, put on productions of all sorts. They’re looking for all kinds of people and participation to put on a show, and it’s a great way to work with and meet people.
  • Join a sports team – you don’t have to be athletic, or have ever played before, to take part in a sports team. There are different levels, both within and outside of your college – from IM to college to club. Talk to your college sports rep for more info!
  • Join a club – Rice has over 300 clubs that you can check out here
  • Get involved at your college – in something related to your interests, or something entirely new.
  • Advise/Participate in O-Week at a different college – this not only exposes you to a whole new group of people, but an entirely new college culture!
  • Keep an open mind. Don’t judge whether or not you will be friends with someone – or even like them! – based on just one interaction with them. You never know.
  • Realize that people change. – for better or for worse, although most of the time, as people grow and mature, for the better. Don’t assume that someone you didn’t click with freshman year is exactly the same person now.
  • Volunteer – check out Rice’s many volunteering opportunitieshere:  RiceStudent Volunteer Program Community Involvement 
  • Go an ASB trip – ASB, or alternative spring break, is a fun, fulfilling way to meet new people while doing good for a community. For more information about ASB, check out the ASBwebpage here: