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The Wellness Center

General Info
Student Wellbeing

Contact:  (713) 348-3311 or wellbeing@rice.edu
Business Hours:  Monday - Friday (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM); closed weekends and University holidays
Located:  Gibbs Wellness Center (next door to the Recreation Center)

Counseling Center

Contact: 713-348-4867 (24 hours) Get emergency information
Business Hours: Monday - Friday (9:00am-5:00pm), closed weekends and University holidays.
Located: Rich Health Service Center (next to the Brown Masters House) and Gibbs Wellness Center

Let's Talk

We're here to help. Click here for more information on how to make an appointment with someone from the Rice Counseling Center.

For answers to common questions and concerns about going to the Counseling Center, check out the Counseling Center FAQs.

Emergency, Medical, and Judicial:    

Located: at Entrance 8
Phone: 713-348-6000 (24 hrs)
Email: dispatch@rice.edu 
Website: http://rupd.rice.edu/ 

The Rice University Police Department is here to provide a safe and secure environment for the Rice community. If you feel that you or a friend is in danger, doesn't hesitate to call x6000 immediately.

Located: at Entrance 8 
Phone: 713-348-6000 
Email: rems-cpr@rice.edu 
Website: http://rems.rice.edu/ 

Rice University Emergency Medical Services (REMS) strives to provide the Rice Community with quality emergency medical care through rapid response to calls for emergency service, standby coverage at special events, education of the Rice community, and a commitment to compassionate patient care, quality improvement, and professionalism. If you or a friend has an urgent health issue or crisis, don't hesitate to call x 6000 immediately.

Student Judicial Programs
Located: Lovett Hall, 3rd Floor
Phone: 713-348-4786
Email: sjp@rice.edu
Website: http://sjp.rice.edu/ 

SJP enforces and articulates the student code of conduct and the alcohol policy at a campus-wide level. In the cases of policy violations or misconduct, SJP strives to ensure safety, privacy, and justice for the students involved.  

Student Health Services
Located: Next to the Brown Master's House off Entrance 27b.
Phone:  (713) 348-4966 
Email:  hlsv@rice.edu (*administrative purposes only*)
Website: http://health.rice.edu/

The Rice Student Health Services provides preventive and outpatient clinical care for the students of Rice University. Student Health is located on-campus and is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of undergraduate and graduate students, with an emphasis on prevention. 


Dean of Undergraduates:  http://students.rice.edu 
Located: Lovett Hall, Entrance A, 1st floor
Phone: (713) 348-4996

Office of Academic Advising: http://students.rice.edu/students/Academic_Advising3.asp  
Located: Ley Student Center, Rice Memorial Center
Phone: 713-348-4060

Office of International Student Services: http://oiss.rice.edu/ 
Located: Lovett Hall, Entrance A, 2nd Floor
Phone: (713) 348-6095

Student Life:  

Career Services: http://ccd.rice.edu/index/ 

LGBTQA: http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~pride/index.html 

Rice Ally Program: http://allyatrice.blogs.rice.edu/ 

Rice Recreation Center: http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~ricerec/ 

Rice Recycles: http://facilities.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=2654 

Student Activities: http://studentactivities.rice.edu 

Women’s Resource Center: http://women.rice.edu  

Student Wellbeing Library: http://books.wellness.rice.edu/deliciouslibrary/index.html