Student Wellbeing

Separations and Returns

Students taking a break from Rice to focus on their wellbeing are encouraged to talk with a staff member in the Student Wellbeing Office (Phone: 713-348-3311 or Email: Case managers in the Student Wellbeing Office talk to students considering taking time off for wellbeing reasons and serve as a liaison to the medical readmission process. More information about medical/wellbeing separations and returns can be found on ESTHER and by going to the General Announcements.

Students should log-in into their ESTHER account to learn more about taking time off and returning to Rice.

1). Log into ESTHER
2). Click the Student Services Tab
3). Scroll down to and click on "Information About Medical/Wellbeing Separations and Returns"

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Wellbeing Office at 713-348-3311 or