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Our Mission

The Wellbeing and Counseling Center supports student development and success by providing a good first point
of contact for students who want to talk to someone about solutions to their wellbeing and mental health
concerns. We envision a Rice community in which all persons develop and thrive as individuals; and who strive to
create a community of care, respect and integrity for all.


Should you like to speak to someone, but are unsure of who you need to talk to, you can visit the
Resource Matcher or watch this introduction video.



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wellbeing homepage icon for Seeking Clinical Counseling
Seeking Clinical Counseling

If you feel that your problems cause distress and are more long term and that counseling is what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. After an initial assessment, we will pair you with a counselor for your needs.

wellbeing homepage icon for Wellbeing Advising
Wellbeing Advising

We can come up with solutions together to resolve personal challenges, such as difficulty making decisions, adjustment issues, academic stress, navigating on campus and off-campus resources or problems that are more serious in nature.

wellbeing homepage icon for Trouble Functioning
Trouble Functioning

If you struggle to get out of bed or cannot go through your daily tasks and responsibilities or you simply don't enjoy things like you used to you, you may want to see a counselor

wellbeing homepage icon for Stress Management
Stress Management

If you find yourself very stressed and overwhelmed, our advisors can help you learn strategies to manage your stress.

wellbeing homepage icon for being Affected In Daily Life
Affected In Daily Life

If you feel that your daily life is affected by things like depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, please seek help in our offices. We can help with a wide variety of issues and we're here for you.

wellbeing homepage icon for Sleep Issues
Sleep Issues

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping or getting inconsistent rest, we can give you suggestions for how to improve your sleep schedule, calm your mind, and rest better.

wellbeing homepage icon for Anxiety

We can assist with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has been proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety. Should you need medication, your therapist can work with your treatment provider to further assist you.

wellbeing homepage icon for Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

Whether roommates, friends, family, or romantic interests, we understand that interpersonal relationships can be hard to navigate if you are facing relationship issues of any kind, we are here to help you approach the problem in a productive manner.

wellbeing homepage icon for Depression or Severe Sadness
Depression Or Severe Sadness

Whether the loss of a family member, severe difficulty in school, or seemingly inexplicable reasons, if you are depressed or experience long periods of intense sadness, we can help.

wellbeing homepage icon Taking Time off From Rice
Taking Time off From Rice

Sometimes students need time off for their well-being. We are here to help you decide whether time off is right for you, help you navigate the avenues towards leave, and plan a roadmap back to campus.

Gibbs Wellness Center
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Telehealth Appointments/Consultations are Available
(713) 348-3311 (24/7)

Gibbs Wellness Center
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Virtual Appointments are Available
(713) 348-3311 (24/7)