Student Wellbeing

Our Services

Our wellbeing staff help students in these key ways:

Individual Support Resources
  • Learn about options for medical/wellbeing separations and returns
  • Receive support if you have experienced a crisis or traumatic event
  • Connect you with campus resources for counseling, reporting and other support if needed
  • Meet with a wellbeing advisor to talk about your wellbeing concerns
  • Provide education on alcohol and mental health through small group conversations, large group workshops, and campus-wide presentations

Schedule an Education Workshop
We welcome partnerships with colleges, graduate apartments, student groups, and other offices and and departments on campus to host workshops. To request a program/workshop or your group, you can fill out the Wellbeing Program Request Form. Please visit Workshops or contact the Student Wellbeing Office: or 713-348-3311 for more information about registration or partnering with us for an individual programs.