Student Wellbeing Office

The Student Wellbeing Office supports student development and success by providing a good first point of contact for students who want to talk to someone about solutions to their wellbeing concerns. We connect with students in the residential colleges, graduate apartments, and other student spaces around campus to give advice and practical support to help students resolve personal challenges, such as conflicts with friends, difficulty making decisions, struggling with your identity, and academic concerns or problems that are more serious in nature.

Our wellbeing staff help students in these key ways:

Wellbeing Advising and Case Management

  • Meet with a wellbeing advisor to talk about your wellbeing concerns
  • Learn about options for medical/wellbeing separations and returns
  • Receive support if you have experienced a personal struggle
  • Connect you with campus resources for counseling, reporting and other support services

Program and Education Outreach

  • Provide education on wellbeing related topics such as mental health awareness through small group conversations, large group workshops, and campus-wide presentations
  • We welcome partnerships with colleges, graduate apartments, student groups, and other offices and departments on campus to host workshops. Please visit Workshops or contact the Student Wellbeing Office: or 713-348-3311 for more information about registration or partnering with us.