Rice Counseling Center

Our Services

The Rice Counseling Center is currently offering services by video and telephone, often referred to as "telehealth." Telehealth services are confidential and effective, and students will receive the same individualized care as meeting in person.

Initial Assessment

To begin services, students will talk with a RCC clinician for an initial intake over the telephone. This 20-30 minute interview is to determine the nature and scope of the students concern, appropriateness for telehealth services, as well as to help develop the most appropriate plan of services. After the initial interview, the student will be referred to a RCC clinician for short-term therapy, additional Rice University services, or they may be referred into the community for long-term therapy or open-ended therapy.

Short-term Therapy

A RCC clinical staff member will make an assessment and determine how to best address your concerns. During each session, the clinician and student will work together one-on-one and explore the student's concerns and/or challenges. Together, they will determine the number and frequency of the sessions. All clinicians are able to assist in assessment and treatment and are assigned to students based on availability and the nature of the problem.


In certain circumstances, it may be determined that your needs would be better served by other resources, especially if you require long-term or specialized treatment. Generally, a clinician will assess your needs during the initial interview to determine appropriate referrals for off-campus services. Information about referrals is confidential.

Psychiatric Services

Students first meet with one of the RCC clinicians before being referred to the RCC psychiatrist. Once the referral is made, the student will meet with the licensed board-certified psychiatrist. Students utilizing our psychiatric services will also need to be involved in individual therapy with a RCC clinician. If a student is only seeking medication management, the care coordination manager will help students find off-campus psychiatric referrals.

Group Counseling

Support groups and theme-centered therapy groups offer a safe environment in which students can gain greater self-awareness, interpersonal sensitivity and skills and will have the opportunity to work on problem solving as well as a variety of other issues which the group decides to focus on. Groups typically meet for 60-90 minutes once a week throughout the semester and are led by RCC clinicians.

RCC's Commitment to Diversity

The RCC staff values and embraces the diversity of the student body. All students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, socioeconomic class, age, political beliefs, and religious spiritual beliefs are welcome at the RCC.

Educational Materials and Presentations

The RCC has a range of material on mental health issues. The RCC provides informational flyers and have identified web-based materials that students may find useful, and staff members periodically present on a variety of topics throughout the academic year.

Consultation for Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students

We are guided by the professional standards and ethics of our diverse mental health disciplines. The RCC encourages the Rice community to consult with a member of our team if they are concerned or worried about a student. We can consult on a variety of issues pertaining to the overall wellbeing of both undergraduate and graduate students. During the current health emergency from COVID-19, consultations are provided via telehealth services and are scheduled by calling the main number during business hours.